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Invitation to Participate

Do you have a paperback book that you really love?  Maybe you’ve had it for years and read it over and over until it became old and tired but you just can’t let it go then I’m looking for a book like yours. I invite you to take part in my photographic documentation project, Personal Paperback. Your book doesn’t have to be a bestseller or be in great condition but it should be one that left an impression on you in the way that only a book can. Maybe the mention of the title brings a smile, instantly recalling the cover, a  time in your life or memory of someone close to you. It’s a book you could easily replace with a new copy and maybe should have, but you never did.  If you have a paperback like that (or more than one) and would like to be included in my project, please contact me for additional details. All books will be returned promptly.


John Charley

P.O. Box AH

Bisbee, AZ 85603

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